The IB Diploma Programme at Acarkent Doğa High School

Benefits of The Programme

  • The fact that the IB Diploma Programme promotes a critical and inquiry-based approach to learning rather than one based on memorization makes for a more effective learner whom the university entrance examination will suit.
  • The IB Diploma Programme furnishes the student with academic skills that will stand them in good stead at university.
  • The IB Diploma Programme promotes a rigour in both thinking and work habits that will play an important role in a student’s preparation for the university entrance examination.

Education After IB

Students who successfully complete the IB Diploma Programme put themselves in the way of entering the world’s most prestigious universities. The IB Diploma programme aims to train young learners who are researchers, knowledgeable, highly self-confident, have the various perspectives on processes, curious, critical thinkers with advanced analysis and synthesis skills, helping to create a better and more peaceful world with intercultural understanding and respect. For this reason, the IB Programme is an education system that prepares not only for the university, but also for life in accordance with its philosophy. The IB Education Curriculum acquisitions enable students to develop different perspectives and to think creatively and originally. The program, which has an academic and social multi-faceted content, is accepted by many universities around the world due to this educational philosophy.

Overseas Acceptances

Our Overseas College Counseling department helps the students who want to go on their university education abroad and their families during this process. There are many educational opportunities all around the world for students. Our aim is to be able to place the students in the most appropriate program that addresses to the interest, skills and aims of them among the thousands of choices. We have been guiding our students in school search, application completion and decision processes.

We help all our students from 9th grade to 11th grade who want to study abroad and their parents plan their future by conducting individual meetings.

Application Process

The application process begins with an informative meeting that is held in December and the IB Diploma Program is introduced to our 10th grade students. After all the information process steps listed below, our students who decide to attend the diploma program and have the required conditions fill in the IB Diploma Program application form. Process dates are announced at the beginning of each academic year. The application process for students and their parents who are studying in the 10th grade ends at the end of May of the 10th grade.

Language Policy

At Acarkent Doğa Anadolu Lisesi each teacher becomes responsible for bringing the policy to life under his or her own terms. Language teaching is an ongoing educational process. We are convinced that language and subject teaching should not be considered in isolation. So we believe ,all teachers are language teachers as language transcends curriculum areas. Our teachers have a responsibility to promote literacy. Moreover, not only are all teachers language teachers, they are also policy makers.

We always keep in mind that moving from language policy development to implementation requires a process by which teachers must first develop awareness and build knowledge of the LP in order to successfully implement it in their classrooms. We know that the development of language is a key to  communicate.

Frequently Asked Questions

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