World Universities

The IB diploma program is an academic program in Turkey and worldwide scientific reputation, in preparation for the high number of universities and It is a globally accepted secondary education diploma. Students increase their chances of acceptance at the universities they apply with their IB diploma. IB students, especially universities in Europe, America, Canada and Australia, can always be seen as one step ahead of the students who have only the Turkish Ministry of Education Diploma.

IB students can also achieve high success in exams such like SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, as they use English extensively both in and outside the classroom. However, some universities in Europe and North America can see and accept students’ English knowledge and skills as sufficient according to the student grade in the ‘HL English’ course taken within the scope of the IB Diploma Program. They can accept exams such as TOEFL / IELTS / PTE without the need to take them separately. However, many prestigious universities accept HL courses with an average of 6 and above as university credits. Therefore, with a correctly selected university, students have the opportunity to finish the university in a shorter time. Our abroad consultancy follows which universities accept the IB criteria, provide scholarships and which IB courses they transfer as university credits. It can also be seen on the websites of the universities to apply.