Students’ Opinions

IB diploma programme is completely different from the classical Turkish Diploma Program with its activities, projects and exam formats.As the program  is an international one, the students who have got IB Diploma is preffered more by the overseas universities.IB is a unique and difficult program  which needs uniterrupted determination and dedication to the dozens of challenges you face throughout the program, where you are tested not only academically but as an individual.However, the achievements you gain in the end are so big that it’s worth the hardships. I think IB program improves person’s individual progress and I strongly recommend this program especially to the ambitious students.

Atakan Çolak
Acarkent Doğa Lisesi 2016 graduate
University of Bristol-BsC Computer Engineering

When I think about the IB program, the first thing I have to say that it is difficult and exhaustive. With this idea I finished it last year but at the end of the two-year period, I realized that I gained more than I had thought. With the help of IB Program, I wasn’t only accepted to an academically good university but also learned to design my own experiments and write scientific articles. Although writing scientific articles and performing experiments are tough and challenging, they made my studies and adaptation to university easier. Apart from this, with the help of CAS, I helped many people in need and made new hobbies. I also improved my time management skills while balancing lessons and CAS activities together. I also read a lot of books, learned about world literature. IB program is the experience I’ll be always happy with and will never regret. I’m so happy with its achievements.

Mina Ersin
Acarkent Doğa Lisesi 2018 graduate
University of Waterloo- Biomedical Engineering

It’s impossible to deny that IB is a really demanding program. Apart from this, it’s a two-year program in which you take six academic lessons, you should also attend CAS (Creativity – Activity – Serving)  activities. But the most important thing to consider is your achievements as an IB graduate. It can be an acceptation to a good university with a high Diploma degree or discovering your talent at CAS activities or self-development. Personally, I’m studying at a university which I intended from the very beginning and IB Program wasn’t a must to be accepted there though. I really wanted to take IB Program and the only thing I would say is that I’d never regret it. Of course I had very challenging times during this period, but I’m happy that I never gave up. I took a part in social responsibility projects I had always wanted, discovered my interest in history which I had never known before, learned to play a few musical instruments I’d never tried before. Apart from all these satisfying activities, you should never forget how difficult it is as I mentioned before. If you like learning and appreciate it, you should never miss the opportunity of studying IB Program. If you don’t like but  necessary for your university acceptance , it isn’t difficult, as long as you study and I am also sure you’ll discover lots of new things about yourself. Don’t give up, if you don’t enjoy the duration, focus on the outcome and please don’t ignore the advices of the people who guide you. I wish you success.

Elif Kavas
Acarkent Doğa Lisesi 2018 graduate
Unıversity of Bocconi- Bussiness and Economics

IBDP prepares students not only to university education but also to life. Especially with the activities, apart from academic development, it also helps with your self-development. But of course it’s a kind of diploma program that was accepted or highly approved by the most prestigious universities in the world. Although I was a 2017 graduate, I still use the achievements I gained at this program. The questions which were asked to us at classical high school program weren’t similar to the questions asked at University Exams, neither mathematics nor economics. But I should clearly say that IB exams were in the same or a similar format. The education you take at IB program will lead you in your university education. My last advice to my friends who want to take IB education is not to see it as an easy way to be accepted to a university, but an investment for their future.

Doruk Boran Yeni
University KU Leuven-Bachelor Bussiness Administration

“I took the IB Diploma Program for two years and unfortunately at the end I was not successful enough to receive the Diploma due to my own faults such as not conforming to deadlines and not doing the necessary research for my assessment tasks. However, I was still accepted into a good university and all the skills that I had gained with the IB made me a very successful student at the university. Even if I knew that I would fail again, I would still take the IB Diploma Programme for the sake of its high intellectual benefits.”

Berat Yılmaz, 2011 – 2012 graduate