Application Process

The application process begins with an informative meeting that is held in December and the IB Diploma Program is introduced to our 10th grade students. After all the information process steps listed below, our students who decide to attend the diploma program and have the required conditions fill in the IB Diploma Program application form. Process dates are announced at the beginning of each academic year. The application process for students and their parents who are studying in the 10th grade ends at the end of May of the 10th grade.

▪ In December the DP Coordinator invites DP graduates to a presentation about IB DP programme and to answer questions about the programme.

▪ In December the School Principal, DP Coordinator, College Counselor make a detailed presentation to all grade 10 students,

▪ In January the School Principal .DP Coordinator and the College Counselor make a general presentation to grade 8 students and parents,

▪ In February the School Principal ,DP Coordinator and the College Counselor make a detailed presentation to all grade 10 parents. The presentation may be repeated in April, if necessary.

▪ In March teachers fill in the admission recommendations forms, taking into consideration 1st term report card grades, study skills and class performance.

▪ In April the DP Coordinator evaluates each candidate recommendation results together with the College Counselor and the Principal and invites parents.

▪ In April and May DP Coordinators meet the candidate student and his/her parents and inform them about their admission outcome.


At Özel Acarkent Doğa Anadolu Lisesi students begin the Diploma Programme in grade 11 and complete it in grade 12. The admission process begins in the 10th grade. Students in the 10th grade who wish to be admitted to the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, have to fulfill the following criteria:

  1. The average of each lesson’s written exam marks for grade 10 needs to be 60/100 or above.
  2. English written exam average for grade 10 needs to be 70/100 or above
  3. Students who do not fulfill the requirements in item 1 and 2 above are required to receive passing grades from the IB make up examination in September
  4. Students have to get positive references from all subject teachers.


Final decision for admission approval to the program lies with the School Principal and IB coordinator.


The 10th grade students from the other schools, who would like to continue Özel Acarkent Doğa Anadolu Lisesi, are required to submit their transcripts. After the School Principal’s approval, students are taken to an interview with Guidance teacher, IB coordinator and School Principal. Candidate transfer student has to take English, Turkish, Mathematics and Science proficiency examinations and receive a minimum of 60/100 for Turkish, mathematics and science; and receive a minimum of 70/100 for English. Students who had disciplinary punishment, cannot enroll at the school. After completing all the requirements students can register to Özel Acarkent Doğa Anadolu Lisesi.


Students who decide to participate in the IB Diploma Programme are expected to:


▪ be motivated and work hard

▪ keep the IB Learner Profile at the heart of their learning

▪ demonstrate self-discipline and responsibility

▪ learn from fellow students as well as teachers

▪ contribute to the community.



Özel Acarkent Doğa Anadolu Lisesi accepts students who have previously studied in other IBDP schools. Candidate must have taken the same lessons which are offered at our school. The transcripts of these students are subject to principal’s approval. Candidate students are required to take English, Turkish, Mathematics and Science proficiency examinations and receive a minimum of 60/100 for these subjects.

Students must submit reports (according to the Interim calendar) and a letter from their previous school, which confirms that they were enrolled in the IB Diploma programme. Students who want to transfer any internal assessment from their previous schools must ensure that all necessary forms of IB have been completed and signed by their teachers/advisers/supervisors and IB Coordinators.


Equivalence and registration acceptance procedures for students who have spent part of their education abroad is carried out according to the provisions of the Regulation of Equivalence of the Ministry of National Education. In the registration of foreign students, it is required to have a duly valid passport and student visa.