Founding Principles

Doğa Schools has made a mark in education since it was founded in Beykoz, Istanbul, in 2002. Doğa’s principles for democracy and freedom are a part of all Doğa’s campuses to ensure that each student grows with these principles in a natural environment. Since it was founded, Doğa has been working to realize this vision while simultaneously striving to increase the quality and rigor of its education.


Our Vision: We Raise World Citizens with International Vision

With an aim to nurture cultured, forward- thinking world citizens, we closely follow international standards to ensure that our students meet highest international criteria so that they are able to live and succeed globally.


Our Mission

Doğa’s mission is to raise world citizens who acquire knowledge rather than memorizing it, who are successful not just on examinations, but also in cultural, social, sports and scientific fields. Doğa helps our students to discover and develop their innate talents and to think freely. We raise global citizens, who have the ability to express their ideas explicitly, who have an international vision, but are committed to local values while open to universal ones, who have acquired at least one foreign language at the level of conducting research and experiments, so that they will fill their roles as the bright leaders of the future.