Teachers’ Opinions

‘You need to read, understand, to be acquainted with. As the man is the enemy to what he really doesn’t know’ Cemil Meriç says.

We all wish to live in a peaceful world but rarely think that it is only possible when we read, understand and know. IB Program says someone can have his own truths with the differences of other people truth .With this point of view, for a more livable world IB Program is the one which every student must take.

IB Program offers students not only reading, understanding and thinking skills but also opportunities to develop their sensibility, creativity and broaden horizon.

I always feel proud to be in the program and have students who are able to analyze and have different approaches to problems, can decide courageously, act with the correct timing, plan and have the skill of achieving best results.

Ersin Erkan
School Principal


‘Qualified young people are our qualified future.’

Think of an education system, its name is IB, it doesn’t only care the students who are being educated but also the future of the community moreover the future of the world, it gives each student the fundamental morals which are essential for the development of a community with a great care, equips the teachers with required skills to educate the future generation and as they are educated in a system which is aware of personal differences. They also become adults with a high awareness level and more productive. They don’t only use knowledge but they also create new things.

As an IB educator for nine years, I feel really proud when I see our graduates as well-equipped individuals, ready to have a qualified future in the society. I hope more students will be able to achieve IB Program.

Mihrican Satış
IB Koordinatörü & IB Biology Examiner

‘To what extent culture affects our judgements of right and wrong?’

‘How interconnected are all languages in the world and how these connections affect our knowledge?’

‘Under what conditions are people consistent or inconsistent in their moral understanding?’

These questions are just a few of the subjects that IB program students are interested in and question in their TOK (Theory of Knowledge) courses.

‘What are the effects of emotions on societies and focal figures in ‘New Brave World’ by Huxley ‘The Giver’ by Lowry and ‘1984’ by Orwel ?’

‘What are the effects of Maya Duran’s, the main character in ‘Serenad’ by Zülfü Livaneli, family history, economic status and the men in her life on the process of character change?’

‘To what extent the Doppler affects the orbits of the planets?’

‘Is blood pressure affected by the body mass index before and after exercises?’

These are the topics of some students’ extended essays. They are just seventeen but two-year IBDP program helps them to be on this intellectual and questioning level. How is it possible to have so different and much more advanced mindset than their peers?

They read a lot, question a lot and analyze a lot. After a short time they begin IBDP, questioning and analyzing become their lifestyle. They also produce a lot, they write articles and essays on literary, language, management, and history topics. They write pages of reports on scientific experiments report the achievements they get from the CAS (Creativity-Activity-Service) Program after questioning themselves, comparatively express their analysis in presentations. And in a few months, their cognitive movements are varying and accelerating. IBDP students soon build their self-confidence.

With this academic progress, their life philosophy simultaneously changes and merges with IB mission. They adopt to approach different cultures and understandings with respect because they see that the opinions of the people who are different from them can be also true. They accept this philosophy as their way of life. And they continue their lives creating a better and more peaceful world.

One of the graduates said ‘I took the IB Diploma Program for two years and unfortunately I was not successful enough to receive the Diploma. Even if I knew that I would fail again, I would still take the IB Diploma program again’

IB aims to raise inquiring, knowledgeable and sensitive young people who want to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.

These programs encourage students from different parts of the world to be active, compassionate and lifelong learners who understand that the opinions of other people can be right.

Sema Kan Özkaya
 IB Consultant


IB is a globally valid diploma program that educates students as men of the world who can analyze, respect, respect differences, look from different perspectives and it also supports academic and personal development. IB diploma is accepted by the most distinguished universities. So this two-year IB program can be considered as a preparation phase for the students who want to continue their university education abroad. During this period, students are trained to learn skills like completing their tasks on time, making presentations in public and writing thesis. All these skills help them a lot in their studies at university. As an Overseas Education Consultant, I recommend the IB program to all my students who want to achieve an international vision.

Aybers Soycan
Overseas Education Consultant

The reason why the IB diploma program is one of the best education programs in the world is the social and moral outcomes it adds to the learners, in addition to their academic skills. Students become individuals who are socially aware, questioning and caring with the CAS activities in the IB program.

Our students, who dream of studying abroad and want to live in different countries, adapt quickly to the universities they attend. They become more active and well-equipped individuals, which make us both happy and proud as teachers.

Mustafa Abidinoğlu
CAS Coordinator & IB Chemistry Teacher