Doğa students enjoy a school life with a strong academic curriculum and a wide variety of social activities. Doğa aims to enrich students’ educational experience by meeting the highest technological standards with interactive smartboards along with i-tools of the course materials. There are more than 130 Doğa Campuses across Turkey, all of which are within the jurisdiction of the Turkish Ministry of Education.

In Turkey, mandatory education is 12 years. The primary school education’s duration is 4 years whereas the students carry on their secondary education in continuum with further 4 years. At high school curriculum, the required time of education is 4 years as well.

Acarkent Doğa High School, founded in 2006, currently has 251 students. The school has “Anatolian High School with preparatory class” status which is given to selective high schools in Turkey with medium of instruction in a foreign language. In 2010, Acarkent Doğa High School was accredited by the International Baccalaureate Organisation as an IB World School. At the same time, the school started to implement an English-intensive preparatory year. The class of 2021 has 41 students, 24 of whom are studying in the IBDP programme.