Academic Honesty

Each student should have knowledge about the school’s academic honesty policy. It is a must to adhere to the academic honesty policy in every phase of education.

Students use an internationally valid bibliography format (MLA) in their written work. TURNITIN, which is a plagiarism detection program, is used for the control of each study in our school.


Maintaining Academic Honesty

  • Academic honesty is being truthful about how and where you sourced your work from and providing acknowledgement. If you are not being academically honest, serious consequences can apply. These consequences can range from receiving no credit for work to receiving no grade for a subject.

Academic Malpractice

  • Academic malpractice is generally defined as using the work of others when there is a clear expectation that the work should be original or creating a false impression that someone else’s work is your own.
  • Academic malpractice is a serious matter that can, in extreme cases, result in a student’s removal from the course; it is however, something that with a little learning you can easily understand and ensure your work is compliant with.