Students who successfully complete the IB Diploma Programme put themselves in the way of entering the world’s most prestigious universities. The IB Diploma programme aims to train young learners who are researchers, knowledgeable, highly self-confident, have the various perspectives on processes, curious, critical thinkers with advanced analysis and synthesis skills, helping to create a better and more peaceful world with intercultural understanding and respect. For this reason, the IB Programme is an education system that prepares not only for the university, but also for life in accordance with its philosophy. The IB Education Curriculum acquisitions enable students to develop different perspectives and to think creatively and originally. The program, which has an academic and social multi-faceted content, is accepted by many universities around the world due to this educational philosophy. Students who continue the IB Diploma Programme in international standards and complete their education, which enables students to grow as world citizens, graduate from Acarkent Doga High School with two diplomas, including both the Ministry of National Education Diploma and the International Baccalaurate Diploma.