D-KTYT, is based on the theory of Jung ve Myers Briggs.This test, which was devoloped under the consultancy of Assistant Professor doctor Mustafa Otrar, Marmara University the Chief of Assessment and Evaluation Department, is used in order to monitor the personality development of our 10-15 year-old students based on scientific and objective data. Extraversion-introversion; sensuality-intuitionism ; thought-emotion; judgment-perceptiveness exist in all of us as tendencies. This test tries to reveal the dominant features of our students. The results are shared with our students in order to support them in making choices appropriate to their interests and personality traits. In this direction, they can participate in scientific project competitions.These competitions affect the career development of our students, help them make better decisions while determining the university and department goals related to the scientific field they work on, and this process will prepare them for academic life at the university.